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Organized on October 19, 1911 in Trenton, SC by Mrs. John Broadus Knight, the chapter is over 100 ye

History of the Trenton Chapter

Organized on October 19, 1911,  by Mrs. John Broadus Knight, the chapter is over 100 years old and has seen many changes within the chapter and within DAR.  The chapter was named for the Battle of Trenton, NJ.  A few accomplishments of the chapter throughout the years are as follows:

  • One member received the Order of the Palmetto Award
  • Proud sponsor of C.A.R. William Stroud Society
  • Has presented ROTC medals to local schools
  • Has presented DAR Good Citizen Awards to local schools
  • Has provided and promoted veteran recognition

The Battle of Trenton was fought between the Americans and against the Hessians and English troops after the Americans lost the battle in New York and were forced to retreat across the Delaware River to New Jersey.  The morale was very low.  Washington planned the attack on Trenton to revive the dying confidence in his troops with a victory over the British.  He chose to plan the battle in rough weather, as the terms of most enlisted soldiers were to expire by the year's end.  He planned to attack the Hessian regiments from three directions simultaneously.  The battle began on December 25, 1776,  and ended on December 26, 1776.  The army was led by General George Washington and his army of nearly 2,400 soldiers commanded by Major Generals John Sullivan and Nathanial Greene.  Americans took control of the battle and took cover in houses and fired freely from there.  The Hessian troops were completely surrounded and were forced to surrender.  The Hessians had 22 dead, 83 wounded and 1,000 captured.  The Americans suffered 2 dead and 5 wounded.



The Trenton Chapter has five meetings a year, from September through May.  The meetings are held on a Monday or Saturday.  

2019 - 2020 Trenton Chapter DAR Meeting dates:

September 14, 2019

October 19, 2019

January 18, 2020

March 3, 2020 (Combined Five Chapter Meeting)

April 16, 2020 (Annual Meeting)


2019 Officers

The following officers were installed in May 2019:

Maureen Quinn, Regent

Judi Romeo, Vice Regent

Cari Gillette, Chaplain

Margaret Davis, Recording/Corresponding Secretary

Polly Stimmel, Treasurer

Robin Verenes, Registrar

Frederica Lofquist, Historian

Candy Moore, Librarian

Photo Credits

Photos above provided by Diana Hunt Photography, Trenton Chapter NSDAR daughters and Adobe Stock ClipArt


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