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Aiken Equine Rescue


People helping horses, horses helping people

The Aiken Equine Rescue can best be described by the word community.  Drawn together by the love for horses and the desire to positively impact the surrounding environment, AER diligently works to change lives (two-legged and four-legged).  All of the community outreach programs are offered cost-free.  Aiken Equine Rescue's partners include Department of Juvenile Justice, Boy and Girl Scouts, school groups, the Aiken Tri-Development Center, Saratoga War Horse and Super Smart Girl, LLC.

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Tamassee DAR School


 In 1914, the future was bleak for children living in the isolated Appalachian Mountain areas of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.  Motivated by a desire to improve the quality of life in this region and a commitment by their organization to aid education, the Daughters of the American Revolution voted to establish a school “in a place remote, yet accessible, where the need seems greatest.” 

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Aiken County Historical Museum


 Few if any counties in America have a more varied and fascinating history than Aiken County, South Carolina. 

 The purpose of the Aiken County Historical Society is to engage in activities to discover, document, promote, encourage, and preserve all facets of Aiken County History. 

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Aiken Railroad Depot


 The beautiful Aiken depot served local travelers going to Charleston or Augusta and beyond, as well as thousands of Winter Colonists that came here for many decades. Many of their descendants still live here. 

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South Carolina Battleground Trust


 Since the Province of Carolina was chartered in 1663, hundreds of battles representing nearly every regional and national conflict have been fought on South Carolina soil. During the Revolutionary War alone there were more than 130 battles fought throughout the state. In addition to battlefields, South Carolina possesses a wealth of other historical military sites highlighting the state's significant contribution to the United State's military actions around the world. South Carolina's military history has contributed greatly to the founding and development of the nation, a tradition her service men and women of the armed forces carry on to this day.  

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Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center

 Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center is a two-division, three Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) medical center providing tertiary care in medicine, surgery, neurology, psychiatry, rehabilitation medicine, and spinal cord injury.  The Downtown Division is authorized 156 beds (58 medicine, 27 surgery, and 71 spinal cord injury).  The Uptown Division, located approximately three miles away, is authorized 93 beds (68 psychiatry, 15 blind rehabilitation and 10 rehabilitation medicine).  In addition, a 132-bed Restorative/Nursing Home Care Unit and a 60-bed Domiciliary are located at the Uptown Division. The medical center serves as a network resource for the treatment of spinal cord injury, blind rehabilitation, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychiatry patients. 

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